Field Opportunities

Museum of the Rockies Field Camp

This research-oriented program accepts volunteers during the summers. Volunteers dedicate at least three weeks of fieldwork, working in the Two Medicine, Morrison, and/or Hell Creek Formations of Montana. There is no fee for the program, although volunteers must provide their own transportation, camping gear and other relevant supplies. Food and tools are provided. Research at the field sites are led by museum staff and graduate students.  Check this site for more information.


Bighorn Basin Paleontological Institute Field Teams

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Join the BBPI, which is a new nonprofit organization dedicated to paleontology and earth science research and education, in the field!  It is our mission to “collaboratively study, actively preserve, and dynamically interpret the paleontological treasures of the Bighorn Basin and the surrounding region, as well as to promote paleontology and the natural sciences to life-long learners, wherever they may be.”  We offer people of all ages, backgrounds, and interest levels, the opportunity to work with us in the field, contributing to decades-long research projects, in one of the most rugged and beautiful parts of the world. Participants will find, collect, and document fossils such as: dinosaurs, crocodiles, turtles, fish, mammals, invertebrates, and plants from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. Work alongside paleontologists and be a part of real research endeavors. For details, please contact Jason Schein at [email protected].


The DIG Field School

The Discoveries in Geosciences (DIG) Field School connects K-12 teachers with real scientists from the University of Washington and the Burke Museum. Teachers and paleontologists work side by side to investigate the extinction of dinosaurs and the rise of mammals at an active research site in Montana. After the Field School, the DIG helps teachers translate their experiences and bring real science into their classrooms. Teachers also have access to ongoing professional development and teaching resources as well as the DIG Box, a traveling “mini museum” that includes fossils and lesson plans.
Apply – applications are due by the end of March each year!  If you miss the deadline, you can sign up here to receive an announcement of when next year’s application period begins.


The Marmarth Research Foundation Dinosaur Field Expeditions

The Marmarth Research Foundation (MRF) is conducting field research and accepts applications from volunteers to assist with the project. MRF is unique in that it provides the opportunity to learn both field and preparation techniques.  Visit the MRF website for more information.


Tate Dinosaur Digs

The Tate Geological Museum at Casper College in Casper, WY, offers summer dinosaur dig experiences each year.  These paleontology trips offer fun, educational experiences to the public while building up the museum’s collections for display and/or research.  Most years, expeditions are led to the Meadow Ranch in eastern Wyoming, digging in the late Cretaceous Lance Formation.  We have been collecting on this ranch for twelve years and still have a lot to do there.  The trips are run by the Tate’s field operations and prep lab manager, JP Cavigelli.  JP’s expertise has led to his participation in numerous paleontological expeditions throughout the West as well as in Niger, Mongolia, and Tanzania.  For more information and to register, visit the Tate Dinosaur Dig website.