Trochus intextus Authority: Kiener, L. C., 1850 Top Shell Family: Trochidae Rafinesque, C. S., 1815 Genus: Trochus Linnaeus, C., 1758 Type species: Trochus maculatus Linnaeus, C., 1758 Species: Trochus intextus Kiener, L.C., 1850 Period: Pleistocene Dating: Relative dating Locality: Oahu, Hawaii Remarks: Rather common shoreline species in deposits along shoreline; average size for genus; species usually has a thick operculum when live: recent specimens seem to have 2 distinct intergrades— ones with sharper angled shoulder of the main whorl and larger specimens with a more rounded shoulder; umbilicus usually closed Dates of collection: 2004-2010 Optics used: 12MP digital camera Lighting: Daylight LED Date of photographs: 08/05/2019 #fossil #event #collectionsite #method