Peristernia ustulata oahuensis Authority: Goodwin, D. R., 2021 Oahu Peristernia Shell Family: Fasciolariidae Gray, J. E., 1833 Genus: Peristernia Morch, O. A. L., 1852 Type species: Peristernia nassatula Lamarck, J. B. P. A. De, 1822 Species: Peristernia ustulata oahuensis Goodwin, D.R., 2021 Period: Pleistocene Dating: Relative dating Locality: Oahu, Hawaii Remarks: The mother species differs from the later with it’s sculpture, especially the sub-sutural ramp; some specimens retain their patterns which is distinct; intergrades of 4 specimens are illustrated Dates of collection: 2004-2010 Optics used: 12MP digital camera Lighting: Daylight LED Date of photographs: 2008-2016 #fossil #event #collectionsite #method