Found this specimen about 15 years ago—thought I share it. Cellana melanostoma Authority: (Pilsbry, 1892) Black mouth Limpet Shell (nearly extinct) Family: Nacellidae Thiele, J., 1891 Genus: Cellana Adams, H. G., 1869 Type species: Cellana cernica “Barclay, D. W. MS” Adams, H. G., 1869 Species: Cellana melanostoma (Pilsbry, 1892) Period: Pleistocene—probably late Miocene Dating: Relative dating Locality: Oahu, Hawaii Remarks: Collected from hard and brittle limestone deposits along shoreline. Specimen chemically cleaned and polished to see the degree of nicar still intact after buried for long periods; specimen very large for species—85.60mm in size; centered apex as usual with white porcelain aperture (Spatula); high domed spire Dates of collection: 2004-2008 Optics used: 12MP digital camera Lighting: Daylight LED Date of photographs: 2019