This is a trilobite specimen collected by a friend on one of our field excursions. It was from the lower 'strata' of a large boulder of blue, flaggy limestone/shale presumed to be Chickamauga Limestone. When the matrix was split part of the left pleural lobe broke off and fell to the ground. It was not able to be recovered, but thankfully a complete external mold provides the remaining outlining. The specimen quite compressed with a flattened glabella and small depressions where eyes were presumably located. Genal spines appear rather short. The axial lobe appears to possess ten rings. I would potentially classify the pygidium as isopygous to macropygous and potentially spinose. My amateur estimation is that it is of the order Corynexochida. It should also be noted that it was collected at the same site as the other trilobite specimen I posted.