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by Jennifer Broo (@jbroo) This past summer, I had the amazing opportunity to co-present with Dr. Bruce MacFadden during the “Two to Tango: Amateur-Professional Interactions in Advancing Paleontological Knowledge” Symposium at the 11th North American Paleontological Convention (NAPC). I have gained so much from my partnership and work on fossils and evolution with Dr. MacFadden, […]

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Amateur Spotlight: Lee Cone

Editor’s note: Lee Cone is a member and former president of the Special Friends of the Aurora Fossil Museum. During his time with the FOSSIL Project, Lee was instrumental in coordinating the Belgrade Community Science project. FOSSIL team members interviewed him about his experiences with paleontology.    How and when did you first get interested in […]

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Lesson- Supersized Life: Comparing Across Scales

♦ LEARNING GOAL: To give students an intuitive sense and appreciation of how large changes by orders of magnitude are. ♦ AUDIENCE: K-12, Elementary School, Fourth (4th) Grade, Fifth (5th) Grade ♦ TOPICS/THEMES: Math, Paleontology, Fossils, Modeling ♦ INSTRUCTIONS: Click on the link below to access the full lesson plan on

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Resource: Fossil Horse Activity Booklet by NARG

♦ SUMMARY: Evolution of Fossil Horses Activity Booklet, Produced by the North America Research Group ♦ AUDIENCE: K-12 ♦ TOPICS/THEMES: Paleontology, Fossils, Fossil Club, Horses               Horse FossilFest Activity Booklet Answer Key

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Miocene Shark Teeth Poster from the Calvert Marine Museum

                    CMM SHARK POSTER(full size poster image)  

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Florida Fossils- Fourth Grade Lesson Plan

♦ SUMMARY: Florida Fossils – This lesson was implemented during a teacher professional development opportunity at the Florida Museum on September 27th, 2017. ♦ AUDIENCE: Fourth (4th) Grade ♦ TOPICS/THEMES: Identification, Fossils, Paleontology, Paleoenvironment, Paleoclimate, Environment, Climate, Scientific Evidence ♦ INSTRUCTIONS: Click on the link below to access the poster of the lesson. Please contact the author with any questions.   […]

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