FOSSIL Kickoff Meeting

February 19, 2014

Communication Breakout Session

 What we currently do?

  • E-mail lists – typically members only; perhaps the main form of communication other than at meetings or newsletters
  • Facebook page –usually public but may be limited to members
  • Google+ – not very populated – more of a network building tool
  • Fossil Forum – forum style; notable for inclusion of images and discussion about them; a lot of static; mix of good information, interesting questions, spam and bad eggs
  • Twitter – mostly used by individuals rather than clubs

 What myFOSSIL can do?

  • Fossil Forum-type setup – do we make this a member benefit or make it completely open?; we discussed that myFOSSIL will have user accounts, so that this can be a member benefit
  • Twitter/Facebook feeds – interest in having a rotating feed on the site
  • Fossil of the Day/Month – this would be a means of giving member recognition
  • Blog feed – confidentiality and no tags/names shown on public site
  • Private messaging
  • Books/bookseller lists – we couldn’t be the retail site itself, but could redirect traffic; host reviews
  • Rotating club of the month – opportunity to share information; identify and message members from that club
  • E-mail listserv service
  • Bulletin board/classified ads
  • Pinging of professionals – Professional members get pinged/e-mailed when tagged in messages/blogs/images etc.
  • Youtube/Vimeo channel for hosting videos
  • LinkedIn – Not wide support for this.

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