Dallas Paleontological Society Releases New Book-Guide to Fossil Collecting

by Roger Farish

We are excited to announce the publication of Guide to Fossil Collecting by the Dallas Paleontological Society. This 256-page, full-color work was painstakingly written by 20 of the society’s finest member-specialists and academic advisors. Some of the topics covered are:

  • Introduction to and History of Paleontology
  • Stratigraphy of the Dallas-Fort Worth area
  • Fossil Collecting Basics
  • Proper Collecting Procedures
  • How to Excavate Fossils
  • How to Prepare Fossils
  • Micropaleontology
  • How to Photograph Fossils
  • How to Display Fossils
  • How to Teach Introductory Paleontology
  • Taphonomy of Fossils
  • DPS Contributions to Paleontology

The 8.5 x 11” publication debuted at FOSSILMANIA (large annual fossil festival in Glen Rose, TX) in the Fall of 2016.  The book retails for $30/book – only $25 for DPS members! – and can be purchased on www.dallaspaleo.org.

The editors are Dr. George Maxey, retired Earth Science Adjunct Professor/Teaching Fellow from the University of North Texas, and Mr. Roger Farish, longtime member and officer of the Dallas Paleontological Society who has co-authored other texts such as Fossil Sharks and Rays From the Cretaceous of Texas.

Originally, the Guide to Fossil Collecting began as an idea from one of the society’s education committee meetings.  Knowledgeable members, educators, and scientists submitted articles to George and Roger for editing.  Initially just four chapters, the volume grew to around twelve chapters.  It was a labor of love, as the venture ended up taking six years of effort to complete! George and Roger followed through with its assembly and editing, and Heritage Auctions (through DPS member Craig Kissick) very graciously facilitated its 
 publication in 2016.

The book is an excellent “how to” guide for those interested in learning about fossils and paleontology, especially of the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  Considered an occasional paper, the society hopes to add subsequent chapters in future editions of the book.  Learn more about this text, and others written by DPS members, at www.dallaspaleo.org/Store.

Guide to Collecting Fossils by the Dallas Paleontological Society
Guide to Collecting Fossils by the Dallas Paleontological Society


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