Specimen 109889

Notes : Dewald du Plessis, Ralph Bousfield, 1994, 1 piece. In association with Struthio camelus australis eggshell fragments, mammal bone fragments and Clarias gariepinus spine fragment, Middle Stone Age (Howiesonspoort) and Late Stone Age archaeology, and modern coins. The Late Stone Age beads to the left are made of Ostrich eggshells and Agate Snail (Achatinidae) shells. Surface. Early Pleistocene to Recent (2-0 mya) based on Ostrich eggshells, but from archaeology estimated to be Late Pleistocene to Recent (75-0 kya). Jack’s Camp Museum catalogue number UA/QP/00406.
Dimensions : 9 mm, 8 mm
Geological Context : Phanerozoic, Cenozoic, Quaternary, Pleistocene, Early Pleistocene to Recent (2-0 mya), Kalahari
Location : Zimbabwe
Classification : Small Ramshorn Snail, Animalia, Mollusca, Gastropoda, Hygrophila, Planorbidae, Segmentorbis, Segmentorbis (Segmentorbis), Segmentorbis angustus