Specimen 109895

Notes : Dewald du Plessis, Ralph Bousfield, 2000, 3 pieces. In association with Segmentorbis angustus and Biomphalaria pfeifferi shells, Clarias gariepinus fragments and mammalian bone fragments, a piece of prasiolite, Middle Stone Age (Lupemban, Stilbaai), Late Stone Age (Wilton, Tshwa-Khwe) and Late Iron Age (Zhizo, Mapungubwe, Khami) archaeology, and modern bullets. The Tshwa-Khwe beads to the left are made of ivory, Ostrich eggshell, Agate Snail (Achatinidae) shell and imported green glass. Early Pleistocene to Recent (2-0 mya) based on Ostrich eggshells, but based from archaeology between 100 kya and 1683 A.D. Lacustrian, pan surface. Jack’s Camp Museum catalogue number UA/QP/00398.
Dimensions : 6 mm; 10 mm; 8 mm, 8 mm; 10 mm; 9 mm
Geological Context : Phanerozoic, Cenozoic, Quaternary, Pleistocene, Early Pleistocene to Recent (2-0 mya), Kalahari
Location : Botswana, Central District, Gweta, -20.4955333333, 25.1839666667
Classification : Southern Ostrich, Animalia, Chordata, Aves, Struthioniformes, Struthionidae, Struthio, Struthio camelus, Struthio camelus australis