Specimen 109913

Notes : Dewald du Plessis, Jack Bousfield, 1965, 1 piece. In association with pieces of cornelian, jasper, specularite and calcite, and Tshwa-Khwe archaeology. The beads to the left are made of imported red glass and blue reedstem glass. Age estimated to be 600-1683 AD based on archaeology. Surface. Jack’s Camp Museum catalogue number UA/QP/00344.
Dimensions : 6 mm, 4 mm
Geological Context : Phanerozoic, Cenozoic, Quaternary, Holocene, Holocene, Kalahari
Location : Zimbabwe
Classification : Sharptooth Catfish, Animalia, Chordata, Actinopteri, Siluriformes, Clariidae, Clarias, Clarias (Clarias), Clarias gariepinus