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Lisa Lundgren

We had a wonderful short course yesterday, thanks to all participants!

and @gretchen-gurtler, thanks for coming from New Mexico. We’re looking forward to seeing more Triassic fossils on the site. We’re also excited to see how you incorporate myFOSSIL with your museum studies class, with labeling, groups, and more!

, loved the macguyver set up that you and @james-beech were able to set up when digitizing some of the fossil specimens!

, thanks for reaching out to us on social media, and for testing the site on a browser that we haven’t seen it tested on before! Glad it worked well.

, thanks for joining us from Australia, it looked like you and @erynn-johnson were doing some good work with the matrix and with the digitization set up. Glad we were able to have you, hope that some of the tools and actvities will be useful to you in your respective locations!

and @spassmore, thanks for representing WIPS–your feedback about making sure that we’re reaching amateurs across the United States, not just the southeast is critical. Please, continue to communicate with us so we can work to improve the FOSSIL Project for all!

, did you end up having that killer Friday night sorting matrix and showing off the lenses to your roommate??

, thanks for being our snail expert! I enjoyed seeing you communicate with the different “pods” of folks when they’d find a snail in the Aurora matrix.

, I’m so happy you were able to make it with your busy schedule! Let us know how/when you end up implementing pieces of the short course in your classroom, we’d love to see how you change it to fit the needs of your class.

, Will there be more fossils from Florissant on the site in the future? We’re missing out on fossilized wood–it’d be awesome to see more here.

, thanks for coming from the Smithsonian! We’ve love to hear your feedback and work together in the future.

, it was awesome to meet you in person! The live tweets during the short course were great. Definitely looking forward to figuring out the Pokemon Go fossil hunting component with you.

You can find the FOSSIL Project’s shot course instructors on the site by their usernames: @egardner (Eleanor), @kcrippen (Kent), @bmacfadden (Bruce), @rleder (Ronny), @vperez (Victor), @smoran (Sean) and @llundgren (Lisa, that’s me!)

Thanks again, all!

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