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Walter Stein

Hey Lisa and everyone on MyFossil! I’ve been out in the field since June 1st, and just got back last week. Unfortunately, I missed the first two webinars but will try to attend the next two, which sound very interesting and informative. Our summer excavations were very successful with lots of cool and important discoveries. We found several new localities on ranches in MT and SD as well as continued work on our main digs. I hope to have a couple papers out in the Spring (though I’m way behind schedule!).

I suppose there are lots of different “types” of excavations and these all depend upon the type of fossils being collected, the preservation of the material, the research questions that are being asked, and the methodologies used to extract the fossils and the data. Some types might include: “Bulk Sampling” for invertebrates where large volumes of fossils might need to be collected to answer “big picture” kinds of questions, ” “Salvage Excavations” over threatened sites or construction projects where time is of the essence, “Single Specimen” sites, “Bone Bed excavations”, “Mass Mortality Excavations”, “Regional Surveys”, etc.

I’m looking forward to Dava’s webinar!