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Michelle Barboza

@egardner, I also find that quite interesting/surprising! I was reading a paper recently published by the Center for Research on Girls, titled Engaging Girls in STEM: Role Models. The paper emphasized the importance of, but also the difference between role models and mentors. Role models, the paper posits, are “lighthouses” which provide a steady point of reference, but are somewhat removed. Mentors, on the other hand, are actively engaged and connected to students, offering one on one guidance. So, perhaps one of the issues here is that while visibility is certainly important, its not enough to just hoist up images of women scientists, it is more crucial to create engagement and guidance between women scientists and young women.

This is a great discussion, and I think it would be appropriate to move to the Increasing Visibility: K-12 Mentorship topic within our forum. Please follow this link to continue:

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