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Eleanor Gardner

I am thoroughly impressed with your methods, @jkallmeyer, @george-powell, and @bheimbrock!  And holy smokes, Bill, your labeling of tiny specimens is INCREDIBLE!!  Hard work certainly does pay off – what a labor intensive but useful method!  @rleder, have you ever employed methods like Bill describes?

Jack (@jkallmeyer) – I know that Ronny feels very strongly about the use of acid-free paper.  He advocates for all field notebooks to have acid-free pages too.  Sounds like you a making a good choice.

Tangentially related to the idea of labels, I saw this morning an announcement about a ‘WeDigBio’ paleontology event this coming Saturday at Indiana University where folks can help transcribe labels from their fossil collections.  The fossils are Ordovician to Pennsylvanian in age.  Read more here: