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Eleanor Gardner

Fun forum thread, @llundgren!  I have insider knowledge about the tooth you posted, so I won’t answer because it feels like cheating 😉

– Very nice jack-o-fossil (lol)!  What kind of adhesive did you use to attach the teeth?

Below is my “spooky” fossil.  The image is unfortunately fuzzy and lacking anything for scale (sorry!) because I was taking the picture through display glass at the Big Bone Lick State Park welcome center/museum.  @cferrara, @lcone, @willis-dc, and others who went to the park prior to the Cincinnati Mini Conference this past June might recognize it!


(1) Ice Age megafauna.

(2) The prominent hole would have been painful for the large herbivore to receive.

(3) The carnivore who inflicted the bite hole was a member of the family Ursidae.

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