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Walter Stein


Sorry for the delayed response. I’ve been on vacation and I’m just now catching up with emails and posts. Sorry I missed that last webinar. Busy busy. I’ve gone back and watched the first part. I’ll finish later this week. To answer your questions… no, I do not do a lot of bulk sampling for invertebrates out my way. It’s mostly single specimen sites, salvage or regional orientation surveys with vertebrates. If we find any inverts its usually associated with a single specimen vertebrate and they are retained in the microfossil collection for that specimen. In a terrestrial fluvial system there is usually not much. So can’t help much with that. We collected a plesiosaur skeleton back in 2007 that was buried in a shallow marine shoal deposit. We collected many invertebrates in this case, but this was to simply determine strata and paleoenvironment- not to answer bigger questions that would involve thousands of inverts.