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Julie Niederkorn

@vperez Thank you for your post on how to determine if a bone is a fossil.  I still have some questions.  Is there a different set of diagnostic tests for individual mammal teeth?  If the item is a mammal tooth with enamel, and the enamel is still partially white, does that rule out the possibility of it being a fossil?  Would the burn test be used?  Weight would be hard to compare because enamel would be heavy to start with and the “tap” test seems like it would be dangerous to use on enamel.  What tests would you use?

Also, I have a question about the nomenclature of the word “domestic” when used in the identification of a fossil.  I found a tooth in Greens Mill Run several months ago and was told it was probably a Sus scrofa premolar or a domestic pig premolar.  Does the “domestic” title mean domesticated by humans or domestic by location?  Fossil or not fossil?  I have so much to learn!  Thanks for your help!

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