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Lisa Lundgren

Hi all! I think this might be a good place to discuss the event @sholte @michelle-barboza and I attended/tabled at today at the Florida Museum of Natural History. @sellis was there with iDigBio, too! The event was called She’s A Scientist! It’s a Girl Scout event that the museum hosts every year. This year, Sharon, Michelle, and I created a table that focused on doing activities from a badge (thanks, @egardner! ), the Rocks Rock! badge. Here’s the link to our photo album on Facebook, where you can see the six step process of the activity we did.

Written out, the activity was

  1. Girl Scouts learn about the different types of rocks
  2. Girl Scouts learn about trace fossils by witnessing a certain trace fossil event (a T. rex stepping in “mud”)
  3. Girl Scouts create their own trace fossils to take home using model magic and 3D printed fossils
  4. Girl Scouts can view a powerpoint with photos of different women paleontologists, such as @sally-walker and @rnarducci
  5. Girl Scouts speak to a paleontologist about the gear you need to “be prepared” for paleontological work
  6. Girl Scouts talk a photo in a photo booth as the type of paleontologist they imagine themselves as.

Has anyone else done an activity similar to this? Want to share your experiences?