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Michelle Barboza

Hi @lydia-tackett, thank you for sharing, this is a great post. I think the author calls out an important point – it is not only gender bias that affects the acceptance of scientific papers/abstracts/presentations, but many women’s own self doubt. From other blog posts and personal conversations with women in science, the imposter syndrome is strong, and affects women even at the height of their careers.

So what is to be done? The author does not point fingers, but calls out both men and women. Women – don’t wait on men, invite yourselves. Men – don’t be blind, and take action in seeking diversity.

The post “Presentations without representation” was embedded in the article shared, and it has some concrete suggestions for increasing diversity in symposiums. It’s not only worth a look for the people frequenting this forum, but should be presented to the members of our paleo societies, for serious consideration in our upcoming meetings.

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