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Michelle Barboza

@egardner, we’ve been planning via email, but for other readers who may be interested, @taorminalepore is going to be the first speaker in our Spring 2016 “Women in Paleo” webinar series! The first webinar, hosted by Tara, will take place on January 25, 2017.

On another Women in Paleo note, National Geographic came out with a great little article this past week, highlighting the excavation efforts of paleontologist Elizabeth Nichols, curator of marine reptiles at Canada’s Royal Tyrrell Museum. Her (successful!) work to exhume a 75-foot-long ichthyosaur fossil (which was deemed by all but here to be too big, too fragile, and too isolated to excavate by everyone else) is regarded as one of the most ambitious fossil excavations ever undertaken.
<div>The article may be read online on the National Geographic News website:</div&gt;