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Michelle Barboza

Hi everyone! As some of you know, the spring 2017 webinar series is specifically dedicated to Women in Paleontology. I’m super excited about this series, and I wanted to get your opinions on how we can make this series useful for and accessible to high school students (specifically juniors/seniors who are in the process of preparing for college and learning about career options).

I’ve found that our Women in Paleo forum serves as a great resource for women who have already entered the field of paleontology, and our in person events like She’s A Scientist! and the Women in Paleo Fest are great for middle school students, and I think the webinar series could be a great way to engage our high school and early college audience.

One way I thought we might entice students to tune in to the series is partnering with teachers to create a worksheet or something along those lines and make attendance worthy of extra credit? I need to look a little bit more into teaching standards/goals for 11-12 grades, but this is where I thought your input would be valuable.

, @taorminalepore, @llundgren