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Eleanor Gardner

@michelle-barboza – To my understanding this all gets a little tricky, as it depends upon how the grant is administered. Federal and state grants, often administered through university finance/budget departments, have strict regulations on what kinds of things funds can be used for.  Dependent/child care is frequently specified on the “no” list. Other institutions, like the National Institute of Health, are more family-friendly and allow grant funds to be used for parental leave or child care (see here for a discussion:

Another article from Science Magazine highlights that some private foundations, such as the Elsevier Foundation, have begun offering “child-care grants that help parents pay for their own child-care solutions” when attending annual conferences.  Obviously this is limited help, since it only addresses meeting-related travel, but it is a step in the right direction.

I would be interested to know if program officers at NSF and other grant institutions are moving in the same direction? @bmacfadden, did you ever discuss such things when you were at NSF?