Reply To: photo tutorial


Dear Jack @jkallmeyer,

Thank you so much for your very enriching comment, that is exactly what I have in mind. I would like to start with the basics and go step by step from there. That way I would like to take everybody through the “mysteries” of photography. I know that a lot of collectors and fossil enthusiasts are not familiar with all the different possibilities modern cameras and even the iPhone or other smart phones offer. The first lesson should be about simple imaging with relatively simple cameras: How can I get good images with a simple setup. Questions about the right light exposure, the correct positioning and so on … I would also give some advice in “post-shoot” photo manipulation with programs like Photoshop etc. Then I would like to go further … more professional cameras, better tripods, light boxes, correct usage of various camera setups (shutter speed, balance, etc).

What other topics are of interest for the myFOSSIL community?