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Eleanor Gardner

@christine-verdi and @jim-chandler – Thank you very much for your comments about the Fall 2016 webinars!  I am glad that you enjoyed them and found many aspects useful.

, @bmacfadden, @dbutler, and @rnarducci – You all would probably appreciate reading Jim’s excellent feedback to each of your webinars.

, you ask some great questions. Here are my responses:

(1) You may have already found this resource for fossil sites by state: (this is from Jayson Kowinsky who presented the first webinar).

(2) We will certainly plan for an invert-focused fossil excavation webinar in the future. We heard that same request from many webinar attendees.

(3) Fossil identification is a hard topic to cover in a 30-minute webinar or video. I wonder if fossil clubs/societies nationwide would be willing to contribute their “best practices” for identification of fossils in their various regions, and we could produce a compiled document which would be available under the ‘Resources’ tab. Would this be useful to you?

Stay warm up there in Maine!