Reply To: photo tutorial

Jack Kallmeyer

Ronny @rleder,

I primarily photograph small fossils (Ordovician invertebrates around here), so I use a copy stand.  It’s not an expensive one but it works ok.  I have used a Bogen Tripod in the past – mine has an outrigger attachment that allows the camera to be positioned about 2 + 1/2 feet off center from the column.  I have used multiple flashes and single flash with a reflector.  I don’t do available light unless I’m in the field.  My preference is having the fossils against a black background (see my fossil image posted on this site, or the crinoid section of the Dry Dredgers website at; a black background makes the images really pop.  The black background also eliminates distracting shadows alongside a specimen.  I used to photograph a scale in the picture, but have recently changed to putting a scale bar in using Photoshop Elements.

I am interested to see your tutorial take off.