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Donald Muller

Thanks Eleanor @egardner and the myFOSSIL team for presenting these webinars.  I was able to participate in real time for the first and last, and viewed the middle two via the website and gave feedback via the links included in each webinar.

Thanks to Bruce @bmacfadden (Field Notes 101), I will record and catalog my future collecting in a more meaningful and professional manner.  It was nice to see that two of my SFAFM colleagues contributed to this webinar and even better to see that it had such a high attendance rate. Well done all!

Thanks to Dava Butler @dbutler for the Excavating Fossils webinar.  I will definitely be checking out the ‘theodolite’ type apps for my smartphone since I carry it for recording images but do not carry a GPS device. I will also be taking some of that stabilization fluid, most likely Vinac, on my next trip to the Suedberg Formation of PA. I was carrying PaleoBond but I agree with Dava’s assessment of ease of removal during the preparation cleanup.

Again, well done all on an interesting and informative webinar series.

Thanks, Don