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Bruce MacFadden

Adam Wade of the Santa Cruz Schools (California) sends along the following background for their research and decision about 3D printers (PVUSD = Pajaro Valley Unified School District):

PVUSD’s Tech Dep’t. worked with a consultant to research the best solution for their schools, and came up with MakerBot as their final vendor:

They chose MakerBot, in part, because the company already had some curriculum/lessons developed and were neither the low-end or high-end in price. The Elementary Schools are getting the MakerBot Replicator Mini and the Middle Schools and High Schools are getting the larger MakerBot Replicator. This is all brand-new for them, so it is great timing to have you and Claudia as a resource, and some of the Science teachers in PVUSD already involved in 3D Digitization through the GABI-RET project. When Claudia comes for a visit, it would be great to have her meet with the PVUSD Tech Dep’t… or we can organize a Google Hangout and bring her in to a tech liaison meeting virtually.

We will talk soon.