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Michelle Barboza

@egardner I’ve been eagerly following the Trowelblazers/Raising Horizons project you posted about! Sad to think that despite being a traveling exhibit, being UK based means we probably won’t get a chance to see the Raising Horizons portraits in person. However, the project managers have been posting sneak peeks on their twitter account and they may be releasing a postcard set for purchase!

As for the podcast, while it may not be exclusively dedicated to spotlighting women in paleontology/geoscience, I agree that it may be of interest to those on this forum! I launched the Femmes of STEM podcast in January 2017, and invite you all to take a listen. The Femmes of STEM is a bi-monthly show focusing on the history of women in STEM: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We will be having an episode on Mary Anning, featuring Meaghan Emery and Amy Atwater of the Mary Anning’s Revenge blog this March, so stay tuned!