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Lisa Lundgren

This project is incredible and I am so grateful to Thea for shining a light on the diversity of the field, and to those featured in the portraits. The diversity of projects (along with the diversity of backgrounds!) is so cool to see. I’m especially struck by Thea’s sentence on the Picture a Paleontologist post: “These are the faces that should be in our documentaries, movies, and image searches.” Paleontology is so often white-washed, but it shouldn’t be. Paleontology, as Thea writes, spans the globe, and features connections between scientists of all nationalities and backgrounds. I wonder if this project could be expanded to the greater paleontological community, too, as amateur/avocational paleontologists contribute to paleontology all the time in meaningful ways. It’d be excellent to have a portrait gallery of diverse¬†amateur paleontologists!

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