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Lisa Lundgren

Did everyone who presented receive the email about uploading your powerpoint to the conference website? I just uploaded mine! It’s fairly quick. Uploading these powerpoints is a great opportunity to show the diversity of projects that amateurs and professionals work on. 

For examples of what an uploaded presentation looks like, you can view Linda McCall’s ( @lmccall ) powerpoint from the FOSSIL Project’s session at SEGSA 2016 at this link (click here to view). That link takes you to the FOSSIL Project’s session from SEGSA 2016. You’ll see the phrase “Handouts” and a box around the powerpoint that Linda uploaded from her 2016 talk. It’ll look the same for all the talks that are uploaded from this year’s NC/NE GSA session.

Thanks, Jack ( @jkallmeyer ) for the email about powerpoints which got me thinking about this.

Related to NE/NC GSA: Stay tuned on social media–we’ll be posting an album of photos soon. If you have photos you’d like to add, please message me–  @kyle-hartshorn @cferrara @lmccall @lcone I saw y’all taking photos! 😉

Presenters who’d be interested in uploaded (who I haven’t tagged in this post yet!): @jason-schein @bill-shankle @john-westgaard @derek-anderson @vperez @jayson-kowinsky @egardner @bmacfadden