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Chuck Ferrara

Victor @vperez

I think that’s a great idea! I was just up there in Gainesville on Sept 19 and Roger Portell was showing me how they are making room for new cabinets (I was asking all kinds of questions). The only specimens to be kept there will be identified or cataloged; the others that have not been will be kept at another location and they will bring a little at a time to work on. So, I think a “what happens after you donate a specimen” and go through the process step-by-step is a great start. Another could be the process of prepping a specimen which is heavily scaled. Then micro-fossils. And show how to label a specimen since not everyone does it the same. There is a lot of info on those labels explaining the process of labeling. You must be helping Roger make room for new cabinets and got the idea… haha. Count me in when you ID shark teeth. I would definitely love to do more┬ábehind the scenes and help out!