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Victor Perez

This is great!

Linda @lmccall, you’re correct I definitely focused my efforts on the vertebrates (because the inverts were overwhelming). Perhaps an interesting question could be just contrasting what we see in the Oligocene layers against what others have found in the spoil piles. What are some observations about the environment that you’ve noted from the Oligocene layers?

Shari @sellis, I like your question a lot. Using that as the driving question would help us reveal which aspects of curation/museum volunteering are regarded as being mundane. And then, perhaps, we could come up with solutions for how to make those boring aspects more fun and/or engaging. It seems that in the case of the Atlas of Australian Life example they’ve made a seemingly mundane task fun by competing with one another. That’s a pretty basic motivator, but we may be able to come up with something a little more elegant (like a reward or point system).

I’m very happy with the way this forum is starting off. Keep the great ideas coming!