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Bruce MacFadden


The site is still having some navigation issues, and when you replied about this forum topic, for some reason it did not come back here.

In order to continue the forum thread, I’m cutting and pasting the following:


“I know that Robert Boessenecker has done a fair bit of collecting (and published research) on marine mammals from the Purisima Fm. He might be a great resource for localities/teaching? I seem to remember some of those fossils are cataloged at the UCMP? Might make for interesting 3D scanning opportunities for lesson plan?
Boessenecker, R.W., Perry, F.A., and Schmitt, J.G. 2014. Comparative taphonomy, taphofacies, and bonebeds of the Mio-Pliocene Purisima Formation, central California: strong physical control on marine vertebrate preservation in shallow marine settings. PLOS One 9:3:e91419.
Racicot, R.A., Demere, T.A., Beatty, B.L., and R.W. Boessenecker. 2014. Unique feeding morphology in a new prognathous extinct porpoise from the Pliocene of California. Current Biology 24:1-6.
Boessenecker, R.W. 2013. A new marine vertebrate assemblage from the Late Neogene Purisima Formation in Central California, Part II: Pinnipeds and Cetaceans. Geodiversitas 35:4:815-940.
I am jealous of your October plans for fossil hunting in California!!”