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Eleanor Gardner

I’m looking forward to the start of the Fall 2017 webinar series, “FOSSIL Roadshow,” scheduled for this Wednesday (Sept 20) at 7pm Eastern!  This time I get to participate in the series as a general attendee, instead of working behind-the-scenes. 😉  I believe the first episode will feature Dry Dredgers such as @jkallmeyer, trilobite expert Dr. Brenda Hunda, as well as myFOSSIL members like @matthew-croxton.

Who else will be attending?  Will you be there, @kyle-hartshorn, @lmccall, @cferrara, @lcone, @george-powell, @jayson-kowinsky, @lynn-moore, @tmorgan, @llundgren, @don-muller, @jim-chandler, @christine-verdi, @skillingsworth, @rmanning, @lance-schnatterly, @joyce-drakeford, @mackenzie-smith, @asa-kaplan ?

What are you looking forward to learning about?