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Jack Kallmeyer

@llundgren @matthew-croxton @egardner @jeanette-pirlo  For my trilobite it was Ceraurinus icarus.  John’s little trilobites were Primaspis but I don’t recall the species name Brenda used.   The trilobite that Tom Johnson had was some species of Isotelus – maybe maximus or gigas or maybe neither.  Don’s Silurian trilobite from Indiana was a Calymene of some sort.  His Moroccan one is Wallicerops but I don’t know the species (and yes, it is real). Matthew’s enrolled trilobite was a Flexicalymene retrorsa from Mt Orab.  Matthew’s trace fossil is a type of “cruziana” which is a morphological descriptive term not a genus or species.  This is a trace of some critter moving through the sediment going from here to there.