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Lee Cone

@llundgren @matthew-croxton @egardner @jeanette-pirlo I thoroughly enjoyed the first of the fall season’s webinar series, and thought that the presenters were terrific!  Brenda’s introduction and moderator’s explanations were scientific, yet clearly presented so that amateur audiences could follow her enlightening remarks.  Jack, Matthew, Tom, and John gave us great looks at specimens from the Cincinnati Arch and beyond, and their knowledge supported the expertise of the moderator.  I also felt like the format allowed for instruction and education, as well as timely input from the viewing public.  By opening up Q/A throughout the session, there was contiguity and focus on the topics and specimens.  This worked much better than waiting until the end of the session  for questions.  I am so looking forward to the next topics, and want to commend the myFossil team on such an outstanding job.