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Jack Kallmeyer

@jordan-oldham  Jordan,  I don’t see in your description where you found this other than near your university.  You didn’t identify the university.  Sorry if I missed something.  I’d like to see clearer photos in hi-res that I could enlarge.  Having said that, here is what I think so far:

This does appear to be a Eucalyptocrinites (this is the currently accepted genus as they have dropped using “crinus” on this one).

The crinoids in Fossils of Ohio from the Cedarville Dolomite are internal molds.  No actual original calyx plates are preserved.  That’s why they may look like blobs plus the illustrations of them in Fossils of Ohio is not all that great.  Is this the correct Formation where this was found?  From what I can see, your specimen appears to have original calyx plates and that would be very unusual for the dolomite. The Eucalyptocrinites proboscidialis from the Cedarville Dolomite illustrated in Fossils of Ohio is the same illustration used in the Treatise (T497, Fig 299, 1d).  The specimen is an internal mold and does not appear to be what you have.