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Sadie Mills

Hello FOSSIL Community!

If you weren’t able to attend all the webinars within a series, but would like to earn an attendance certificate for that series, here are the steps:

  1. Watch the full recording of each webinar that you weren’t able to attend.
  2. In lieu of participation during the live webinars, contribute here in the myFOSSIL webinars forum in the following manner:
    1. For each episode within the series that you missed, create a post in this forum with the following:
      1. Your favorite part or thing that you learned.
      2. A question about the webinar topic, that didn’t get answered within the episode.
      3. A suggestion about a topic or feature you would like to see in a future webinar episode.

Here is an example:

“For the Trilobites Roadshow, I loved seeing the amazing specimen from Morocco. I wonder if both male and female trilobites of that species have the trident? In the future, I would love to learn more about distinguishing male and female specimens of the same species.”

At the end of a series, email me at [email protected] to confirm your completion. Please also email if you have any questions!