Reply To: photo tutorial

Jack Kallmeyer


I have a couple of comments about the cleaning tutorials if you don’t mind.

1) They are way too hard to find on the website.  Even though you told me where to go, it took me a while to figure out I had to scroll down a ways to locate them.  There was a statement associated with one of the tutorials that said they could be found under resources – I could not find them there.  These should be much easier to find if we want people to  benefit from them.  Maybe this is just my inexperience in using this site.

2) In the first tutorial you show washing a fossil pectin in a sink under running water.  That is ok if you have a lab sink with a sediment trap.  Otherwise, the home fossil cleaner will find themselves with a $100 plumbing bill after their drains are clogged with sediment.  Around here we use a bucket of water that can be dumped in the yard or street later.  The bucket also allows us to soak the fossils at least over night so the final cleaning is easier.

3) I found the music to be enjoyable but way too loud so that it competes with your instructions for attention.  I think the music could be limited to the introduction but eliminated during your instructions.

4) The instructions themselves were good and I can see that you will probably have additional tutorials for cleaning fossils from other areas with different preservation.

I hope these comments are helpful.