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Bruce MacFadden

Hi Bobby–Thanks for the response. I’m bummed because I leave for Berkeley on the 16th and then go back to Florida for the holidays. Then we are moving back to SC for 9 weeks on 9 January. So I will not see you.

If you could find some (4 to 6) ghost shrimp claws for the the fossil study kit, that would be great. There was a storm here two nights ago (lots of rain). I went to Capitola yesterday afternoon to look for the ghost shrimp, claws, and I could not see much because the beach was littered with seaweed and kelp. Or perhaps even though they are easy to find, I don’t yet have the eye for them.

I have decided to expand slightly the focus of the K-5 study kit from just Capitola to the Santa Cruz region. It allows me to bring in some other kinds of fossils to tell a broader story.

All the best, Bruce