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Geoff Ruonavarra

As said,  im finding it difficult to capture an image under the magnification. But i assure everyone… this is legit.  I have identified 6 different Cambrian animals within,  several i cannot as of yet,  but they are definitely in the realm of Cambrian life.  I thought my eyes must beer deceiving me at  first,  but as i carefully used 5000, 7000, 10000, and 12000 grit sanding discs to reveal a clearer picture,  unfortunately exposing one animals appendage doing so,  i realized this is a legitimate piece of history,  from what I can tell,  with unrivaled preservstion. My guess it is impact glass from a meteor landing In the ocean, or similar circumstance. I will keep working on my image capture quality,  or if there is someone here in the Wisconsin or michigan area who wouldn’t mind having a go im happy to travel.  Additionally , i have countless well preserved specimens from the same collection spot,  mostly trace,  some more impressive though, all covered in Cambrian animals.  I did a lot of digging before bothering to post here,  as I’m not one to make a fool if myself.  Im just asking for some level of open mindedness,  and i will produce the results as soon as humanly possible.