Reply To: photo tutorial


Hey everybody, @tmorgan, @jkallmeyer, @lcone, @cferrara. It has been quite a while since I came up with something new at this forum. I am working on some new tutorials and the one about digitization is next. Because it might still take some time to finish it I would like to give you some information about the progress that I don’t wanna withhold to you. I tried to figure out how to create a nice and simple but still very effective setup for the digitizing of your fossils and there is something I need to share. Here at the Museum we work with special light boxes when we take images of our objects, especially when we do that for the iDigBio database. I found an easy solution for all of us how to make a lightbox DIY. Just use a white plastic container and illuminate it with some regular lights from the outside. Then place your fossil at a velvet covered sand bag at the inside and take your shots. That way you will get some well composed images of your objects without any cast shadows. Please try that at home and tell us about your experiences.