Reply To: photo tutorial

Jack Kallmeyer


Very impressive.  It looks like you covered all aspects quite well.

I have a few of comments.

1) You mention using a color checker.  That’s a very good idea and I wish I had thought of it.  You didn’t show this close up and I would like to get one.  Can you tell me more about it?

2) You mention using Play Doh or modelling clay to stabilize the fossil for photography.  I know that modelling clay is oil based and can leave an oily residue on the fossil.  I don’t know about Play Doh.  I use a product that I have heard called Ticky Tack.  When I buy it the name is always different.  I get it a Hobby Lobby.  It looks and works like modelling clay but is stickier.  It is not oil based and leaves no residue.  It is meant for temporarily holding objects.

3) You  indicated that light direction from the upper left was the correct way to light objects but the set-ups you used were not made to do this.  They appeared to have even lighting from both sides.

4) Thanks for mentioning the different lighting needed for objects with surface texture.

5) Early in the video you said not to use flash.  At the time, you were still talking about cell phone photos so I presumed that is why you said that.  Flash was never mentioned again.  I hope you didn’t intend to eliminate flash as a viable light source.  That is my only lighting unless I’m in the field.  The set-up gets more complex though.

As I said earlier this was very well done although I missed Eleanor as your assistant 🙂