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Matthew Speights

Jack and Ronny, @jkallmeyer @rleder

I started trying last year to contact the right person with Evonik (the company that produces Rewoquat) and order some. They finally got me in contact with a marketing manager in Virginia, who told me that Rewoquat was not available in the USA. However, they offered to send me a pint sample of Rewoquat W 3690 PG from Europe through the US division. So, I am awaiting the sample. I’m not sure how far it goes, but if I have extra, I wouldn’t mind sharing.

Long term, I would like to get more, so I also asked whether it might be possible for UC or the museum to order a larger quantity, and am waiting to hear back. If that simply isn’t possible, perhaps we could each ask for a sample. I really don’t want to ask for free handouts, though, and would like to purchase more if they’ll let us (a group buy would be a possibility I’d consider).

– Matthew