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Lisa Lundgren

Love the caving one, @egardner –fossil caving is something that I think I would have a challenging time doing!

Here are a few of mine, mostly from the awesome opportunties I’ve gotten from the FOSSIL Project.

1. Working in the Chadronian Formation in Nebraska in August 2015 with FOSSIL/PCPPire: I was REALLY excited find that!
2. Hanging out at the Calvert Cliffs in May 2015, came back empty handed that day.
3. On a FOSSIL Project/ Dallas Paleo Society field trip in Texas in October 2011. Found a lot of inverts!
4. Field work for my masters program outside of Makoshika State Park in eastern Montana in….summer 2012, I think? Another member of the group had found some parts of a Triceratops on this slope, and we were debating the best ways to take notes about it.

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