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Jon Cartier

Here are a couple more pics of prep work.  The big one has teeth that measure 3″ of enamel. The Platecarpus has some meaty bones and teeth too! My son nicknamed the Tylosaurus “Bubbles”. Despite my best efforts to not name him that, my friends quickly adopted the name. Therefore, following the subsequent discovery that there were two Mosasaurs mixed in with the find, the only logical name for the second smaller Mosasaur was “Tiny Bubbles”. in fact, I believe he has his own song…

Pictured is the dig site in the Cliffside of the North Sulphur River in Texas, a picture with a pointer to what I think should be a mandible with 10 tooth tips showing in line (too much matrix to tell for sure and I have not prepped it yet). I have the right lower jaw and mandible along with most of the pre-maxilla. Lots of pieces missing. it was a disarticulated and scattered find. Same for Tiny Bubbles. Some pieces were mixed together making it confusing until I found 2 different Atlas Vert Innercentrums (see pic below of cleaned specimens). The last pic shows what I have cleaned so far from both specimens.


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