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Jack Kallmeyer

Wow!  I think your definitions are basically correct but my question is whether they improve on those already given by others.

I would take exception to your definition in #5.  An original fossil can not be a cast.  It may be a body fossil but it is not an original fossil.  Perhaps the problem I am having is the use of the term original fossil.  Where you use this term, you really  mean the original flora or fauna which may never have been preserved as a fossil at all.

Your statements regarding trace fossils in #7 & 8 do not apply to my senses.  There are trace fossils – evidence of the activity of animals – and there are body fossils – the remains of the actual body whether that be a mold, cast or original remains.  We do not apply the terms mold or cast to trace fossils. There are specific technical terms that apply to these traces as outlined in Osgood, 1970.  You should refer to that document regarding trace fossils.

I may be wrong here but I don’t believe there is any disagreement about the definitions of molds and casts in the rank of the professional paleontologists.  The only ones whom I have seen confuse this are amateurs.