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John Christian

Thank you Jack (and everyone else.) @jkallmeyer

You provided me a very helpful analysis that found the same two weaknesses that I was most concerned about.

If I substitute “body fossil” for “original fossil” will all the other definitions and rules make sense and create no major contradictions? I hope that a “body fossil” includes a cast because a mold can be made against a cast (second generation mold.)

I created rules 7 and 8 because I have noticed that many professional paleontologists consider that casts and molds can be made from well executed trace fossils such as dinosaur footprints. I assume that one could reason that a footprint infilling is a cast because a “caste is a replica and/or reasonable copy of a body fossil” (the foot.) Do you think the infilling of a well executed and preserved footprint can ever be considered a cast? Should I take out 7 and 8 and include a note that some paleontologists think that casts and molds can be made from certain trace fossils such as footprints?

Thanks again for your help Jack and anyone else.