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Jack Kallmeyer


Oh yeah, safety.  I should have mentioned the lack of a belt guard and you picked up on the other areas of concern.  I do have the belt guard but it will not fit over the current drive set-up.  This saw was originally the student saw at UC.  It had fallen into disrepair and UC has no equipment maintenance staff so I was able to acquire it.  The OEM original motor, pulleys and belt were missing having been replaced with a small motor and V belt drive.  When  I upgraded the motor I went with a more robust drive belt – I did not go back to the OEM drive because of cost.  Anyway, I am not near the drive when operating the saw.  I would love to have a Plexiglas splash shield but since I have to push the specimen it would get in the way so I just get wet.  This saw never had a drive system to move the specimen as it is basically a heavy duty tile saw.  The sliding table does have holes in it to attach a potential vise but I have none to attach.  Cutting “flat” specimens is not too much of a problem.  Irregular shapes like the stromatoporoids though can be interesting.

In your explanation you mention some polishing materials.  It sounds like you are able to take a specimen from cutting directly to polishing.  Is that right?  What grit size are these materials?